Scott Weible, Esq.

For over 32 years, Attorney Scott Weible, Esq., has provided exceptional legal services to clients in Arizona, California, Virginia and the District of Columbia. He cares about people and has worked hard over three decades to help others make sense of their lives and resolve even the most complex legal issues successfully. He was first licensed to practice law in Arizona, following graduation with a Juris Doctor Law Degree from University of Arizona College of Law.

Practice Areas

Scott excels at planning legal strategies for his clients in many important areas of law practice, including Family Law, Estate Planning, Business Law and Real Estate. He works diligently to determine how current legal actions will fit into the “big picture” of his clients’ lives. His main goal when working with clients is to help them improve their lives in general, not just for the moment. He is extremely dedicated to his clients, always striving to enhance the overall well-being of his clients.

Attorney Scott Weible provides legal services in the following areas of law practice:

  • Real Estate – Closings, Buy/Sell/Lease Contracts, Environmental Compliance, Property Rights & Foreclosures, Liability, Insurance & Financing
  • Divorce and Family Law – Relationship Agreements, Modifications, Divorce/Separation, Custody/Support, Alimony, Property Division, Domestic Violence, Visitation & Rights
  • Wills, Trust & Estate Planning – Protect your interests and your heirs, Probate
  • Business Organization – Structure (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, Corporation, Non-Profit), Mergers & Acquisitions, Expansion & Growth
  • Bankruptcy – Chapter 7, 13 and more options for debt relief, payment plans, debt reorganization
  • Litigation – Courtroom Representation, Alternatives – Mediation/Arbitration

If you have concerns about legal issues, get the honest counsel you need now. Start with a free 30-minute consultation with Attorney Scott Weible. This is the best way to start your legal process, because you will have immediate direction and knowledge to use when taking your next steps to resolve your legal matters.