Divorce and Family Law

Legal issues involving family, especially divorce and child custody, can be especially difficult for individuals to go through. It’s not just about who is right and wrong in the eyes of the law, but the emotional fallout of the entire process. Working with an attorney with experience in family legal issues and the family court system won’t make divorce or other family matters any easier on the personal front, but it will ensure the legal process goes as smooth and efficiently as possible.

Divorce in Arizona

As in other states, when you file for divorce in Arizona, there is more than one way you can go about coming to a divorce agreement. The first, and most desirable means for many people, is to work out an agreement before even getting attorneys involved. If you can divide your assets, and come to terms on child custody, child support, spousal support, and all other division, you can have this agreement drawn up by an attorney, and only consult an attorney on your own to ensure the agreement says what you think it does before signing.

The next step in the divorce process is mediation. During mediation, you work with one or more attorneys to come to an agreement. The attorney who represents you will help ensure all assets are disclosed, so that you get your fair share, and fight for the things you want in your divorce settlement. Since there may be many hard feelings that come with a divorce, mediation can make it easier to communicate with your soon to be ex-spouse, and work out an arrangement that is satisfactory enough for both of you.

If you cannot work out an agreement with your ex-spouse prior to, or at, mediation, you will have no choice but to get the courts involved. When you take the matter to court, your attorney will lay out the reasons you should get what you seek in your divorce settlement to a judge, who will make a final ruling on the division of assets and other legal matters wrapped up in your divorce.

Divorce and Family Law Attorney in Oro Valley

No matter how you choose to handle your family law matter, or divorce, you need representation to protect your interests. Scott Weible, Esq of Oro Valley represents clients in the family court system throughout Arizona,  California, Virginia and the District of Columbia.